Staff Writer

We’re seeking a full-time writer to produce long-form RANKED scripts for the TripleJump YouTube channel.

We aren’t interested in qualifications or levels of experience; we’re looking for individuals with a passion for video games and the ability to translate that passion into engaging, entertaining scripts, often with a quick turnaround time.

You will be working under our Channel Manager and Senior Writers to produce scripts in-fitting with TripleJump’s high standard of video output and should have no problem taking constructive feedback or collaborating with our on-screen talent. All applicants must be 18 or over but can be based anywhere in the world, though successful applicants are welcome to join the team in our Newcastle Upon Tyne office if preferable.

How to apply

Applicants are instructed to write part of an Every Silent Hill Video Game RANKED From WORST To BEST Ranked video – this list has already been produced and is awaiting a public release. As such this exercise is purely intended to measure your ability and approach.

For the purpose of measuring your writing/research ability, applicants must provide:

  • The name of every entry that would be included in the final script (alphabetical order will suffice)
  • A written sample of the intro – The intro should give an overview of the topic being ranked, and detail the “rules” of the rankings (i.e. what method was used to determine an entry’s placement), as well as any omissions (“we’re not counting LCD handheld games” etc). The intro should be between 300 and 500 words.
  • The last and first place entries (worst and best) – these entries should be between 125 and 200 words each. For these entries, please also include YouTube links to general footage and specific timestamps for any specific references made (to make the video editor’s life easier). These links should be added as a “comment” in Microsoft Word.

It is highly recommended that applicants familiarise themselves with our previous RANKED output to understand the importance of balancing being informative with maintaining an entertaining and humorous edge.

Scripts should be submitted to [email protected] in PDF/DOCX/RTF format, accompanied by your CV.

Applications close for this position on 24/10/2022.